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He brought me back!

I have been away from this blog for far too long. But when I showed up for my session and saw the adorable cuteness waiting for me, I knew I would need to share it with the world. The cheeks, the eyes, the adorable smile. And no tears at all during the session! Here is little O’s sneak peek!

Bricks and Alleys

Every once in a while I can convince a client to forgo the typical background of trees and grass and fall leaves, and go for an edgier look of bricks and alleyways. This family is sooo cute and we had done the grass and trees bit quite a few times already. I absolutely love the images they ended up using for their holiday card, especially the family one on the brick wall.  I will certainly be heading back to that wall for future sessions!

Brand New Baby Brother

I have been photographing the babies in this family for 7 years! From my first home studio, to my first retail studio, and finally to my first shared studio. They have seen it all! They live out of the country right now but made a visit back in time for baby #3 to make his arrival. Most babies sleep during their session, but he was not having it! Apparently he took a 5 hour nap when he left the studio. Stinker!!


Look how she is growing up! Time is flying for this little cutie and her family. I usually try to do children’s sessions in the morning, when kids are at their happiest, but the timing worked out best for us in the evening. I was a little worried going in but the light was beautiful and little missy was happy as could be:)

Family candids

This family has been coming to me for several years for their annual photo session, and Mom said her favorite are the fun “candids” where everyone isn’t necessarily looking at the camera. I think we got a great mix this year, and a perfect fall day for shooting. Love seeing these boys every year!